SHADE™ was developed by researcher and clinician Dr. Frances Kay Lambkin, internationally recognized for her innovative computer based interventions for mental health and substance use disorders. SHADE’s efficacy has been proven in randomized controlled trials and published in the field’s leading journals including Addiction.

This web based, interactive program for substance use, alcohol use and depression has received acclaim for its ability to be used with a wide variety of patients over broad geographical areas as well as for its outcomes and approach.

What can Shade™ do for me?

The Shade™ program is designed to empower you to release your grasp on addictions, such as alcohol and substance abuse, while providing techniques to combat your depressive symptoms. This 10-week program walks you through the physiological and psychological reactions to alcohol and commonly abused substances, offers skill sets to better handle cravings and unwanted desires, and assists you in creating a management plan for the future.

Shade™ has been proved by four in-the-field studies and holds as a viable means for overcoming depression and addiction

Shade™ was tested with three Randomised Control Trials (RCT) and had statistically significant findings.

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Shade is a 10-session online program to help you overcome depression and beat addiction

You will be introduced to depression, alcohol, cannabis and speed and learn the effects these substances have on your body and mind. You’ll be taken through some exercises that will continue throughout the program.

You will breakdown the financial cost of drinking and learn about mindful walking, observing and mood monitoring. These can be crucial pieces as you continue your therapy.

In this session, you will be introduced to the ABC concept, create a list of activities and how to interpret situations, and prepare yourself for some changes. You will be asked to continue working on projects from the first and second sessions to enhance your ability for change in the future.

Session 4 is all about cravings. You’ll identify your triggers for cravings, learn why our body desires these and be given some coping strategies for when the cravings begin.

Now that you understand cravings and how our mind desires them, you’ll be taking a look at your own thoughts. Identifying helpful and harmful thoughts, as well as breathing exercises, can improve your ability to let go of depression and addiction.

Session 6 will elaborate on building a strategy by giving you some tools to work with. You’ll learn problem solving techniques and continue your withdrawal process.

You will be identifying your core beliefs and how these shape and affect your depression and addictions. Knowing how to properly deal with and alter these beliefs can have profound effects on your mental health.

You will learn about “Let It Be” and how this concept influences your recovery. You will put together an emergency plan and be taught refusal skills to increase the sustainability of your recovery.

You’re nearing the end of the program. This session is about the tendency to break the rule and the negative effects this has on your progress. You’ll learn the importance of looking out for yourself and understand that every decision has a consequence – some good, some bad.

You’ve completed the Shade™ program. This final session will be implementing a relapse management plan, as well as learning some strategies to continue your recovery and ensure good mental health for the future.

Recovery Can Happen Today

Don’t let your mind pull the shades down. End your addiction and stop your depression together with Shade™.