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An effective online CBT program

An effective online CBT program
Reduce Alcohol Consumption

Effective Online Treatment

Learn how to let go of your addictions and overcome your depression in the safety of your own home

24/7 Access

Work through Shade™ in a cafe, on the train, or at your own home

100% Online

Access Shade™ from any device* connected to the internet

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Work through Shade™ at your own pace and on your own time

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You can purchase Shade™ directly or contact you healthcare provider
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Reduce Alcohol Consumption

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Shade™ offers an effective program to help you overcome your addiction to alcohol and create a management plan for sustained sobriety.

Alcohol is a depressant drug, because it slows down many of your body’s functions and affects the brain in more areas and in different ways. Too much alcohol can greatly impair one’s judgement and motor functions and even lead to death.

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Reduce Speed Abuse

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Shade™ will not only inform you on the mental and physical effects of Speed, but also on how to let the drug go and get your brain back to functioning the way it was intended to.

Speed affects the brain on a physiological level and can even alter its normal functions, if taken for too long. Speed is an stimulating drug as it enhances feelings; however, the “high” you feel is directly proportional to the “low” once the drug wears off. In other words, the higher high you feel, the lower low that follows.


Reduce Cannabis Use

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Shade™ has helped many overcome their dependence on cannabis and can do the same for you. Overcome your addiction and put a management plan in place for a sustainable healthier you.

Cannabis (marijuana) allows the user to feel a sense of euphoria or “high”, however the drawback is impairment to your memory, problem solving and motor functions. These side effects can last for weeks after the initial “high” has worn off.


Overcome Depression

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Shade™ has helped many others who were depressed and addicted to substances overcome both their depression and addiction.

Depression is a common mental health problem affecting about 121 million people worldwide. Depression can be caused for a myriad of reasons and people cope with Depression in many ways. Some turn to alcohol, speed, or cannabis for the physical feelings they elicit.

If you’ve found yourself feeling depressed and using these types of drugs to change your mood, Shade™ is for you.

Who Created Shade?

Dr. Francis Kay-Lambkin developed the Shade™ program and CCBT Ltd offers the Shade™ program to you without the need for a clinician or general practitioner’s prescription.

CCBT Ltd is the world leader in evidence-based online mental health care. We offer proven solutions for insomnia, anxiety, panic, phobia, depression, addiction, stress and ways to have a healthier lifestyle. Our commitment to bettering the minds and bodies of those suffering from mental distress has allowed us to create programs recognized as “standard care” by the National Health Service.  Our programs, which you can complete in the comfort of your own home or while on the road, have proven effective in 15 randomised controlled trials; all published in top, peer-reviewed journals.

How Can I Purchase Shade?

You can purchase Shade™ directly from CCBT Ltd using the links below, or contact you healthcare provider.


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  • Monitor Your Progress
  • Emails at the end of each step


  • Purchase all CCBT Programs
  • FearFighter: Panic & Phobia
  • Healthy Lifestyles Program (HLP): Smoking, Dieting, and Healthy Living
  • OCFighter: Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)
  • Restore: Insomnia
  • Shade: Addiction with Depression
  • *Platinum does not include one-on-one therapy

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